Tastings – 1 oz pour of spirits

1 oz pour of spirits, straight or mixed with juice or soda.

Tastings – Three 1/2 ounce pours

Flight of three - 1/2 oz pours, straight or mixed with juice or soda.

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Shot glass with our logo.


Come see how we make our spirits. Tours run approximately every 30 mins.

Holiday & Closing Sale!
30% off purchase of 6-11 bottles.
50% off purchase of 12 or more bottles.

Check your local retailer for Blue Fish Distillery Spirits as products are sold out at the tasting room.
Our retailers will continue to sell Blue Fish Spirits until they are sold out.


Whiskey #1

A single malt whiskey that is 76% Irish malt, 20% two row, and  4% heavy peat.  Released 3/30/18. Sold Out.

Whiskey #2

Made from an unhopped version of Jones Park Porter from Triple S Brewing.  Released 6/1/18. Sold out.

Whiskey #3

A Scotch style with 100% medium peated malt. Released Nov 24, 2018.

Whiskey #4

Whiskey made from an unhopped cherry wood smoked porter from Phantom Canyon. Estimate release Dec 2018.

Bourbon #1

Our first bourbon release was 55% corn, 30% barley and 15% rye. We have a couple bottles that will be donated to charity and included in silent auctions. Sold Out.

Bourbon #2

This bourbon is 55% corn, 30% barley, 12% oat, and 3% rye. Released 3/2/18. Sold Out.

Bourbon #3

Crafted from 52% Colorado Blue Corn; 24% Rye; 24% Irish Malt for a smooth bourbon. Released Nov 24th, 2018.


These spirits are generally available at all times.

$34.00 $25.00

American Rum

ON SALE - A barrel aged rum with a hint of whiskey.  This rum is aged in new American oak barrels which gives a slight smokey flavor more like a whiskey.  More of a sipping rum than the American White Rum, this rum mixes well with Coke and Eggnog. Made from cane sugar and molasses.

American White Rum

A light clean rum which works well for mixing or sipping over ice.  Made from cane sugar and a little black strap molasses with a touch of caramelized sugar added post distillation. 

Blue Agave

Colorado Springs made Tequila.  Light and smooth blanco agave spirit made from organic 100% Blue Agave syrup.

Pikes Peak Clear

A spirit made from corn and cane sugar.  We call it a moonshine for lack of a better description, but it is smoother than most.  Sip it straight or use it in place of vodka for a more flavorful drink.
$38.00 $28.00

Pikes Peak Special Edition

ON SALE - A barrel aged version of our Pikes Peak Clear.  Distilled to a lower proof and then barrel aged for a smooth corn whiskey flavor.


A smooth clean Vodka with a sweet finish made from cane sugar and malted barley.  Nothing added after distillation.