About Us


In 2014, John and Ellen Fisher started BFD. John, a former mechanical engineer by trade, had always been curious about the distillation process. In fact, his first foray into the field was in high school, when he and a friend tried making moonshine using a process outlined in a library book.  So when he was ready for a career change, he and Ellen decided to make his distilling dream a reality. 

Why Blue Fish?

It all started with an empty bottle … Click find out more below to see the full story.

Distilling by design: creating the perfect beverage.

We love creating each spirit—cultivating just the right taste and mix of ingredients at each stage. But what we love most is seeing the reaction people have when they try it for the first time. It’s incredibly rewarding. 

Our People

John Fisher


John hand crafts our small batch, unique spirits that are a reflection of his careful attention to detail. You'll want to impress your friends with his spirits.

Ellen Fisher

Official Taster

In addition to making the cuts on spirit runs, Ellen has crafted the best pairings for those of you that prefer your tastes to be mixed with juice or soda in the tasting room.

Melissa Lewis

Brand Ambassador

Melissa will delight you with our spirits and share her extensive experience in crafting classic cocktails as well as more creative concoctions.